Bring on the bubbles: To tub or not to Tub, that is the design question…

I have been designing for over 11 years.  In that past decade+ I have seen trends (big ones) like tubs come and go.  My market over these years has been Central Florida – Orlando to St.Pete/ Clearwater. I imagine this is a whole different debate in Northeast, Midwest, or West Coasts. Check out this article from Kitchen & Bath Design News to see that coast to coast debate. (Page 30). .

When I started designing bathrooms, large stately tubs that were built into decks, were the norm. Usually coming with pumps and lots of jets.  Then as the industry and homeowners moved away from tubs and requested these same luxuries in the showers, lots of jets. I remodel lots of older homes, and many had these unsightly old monstrosities that just had to go. And then the question was left, what to do with the space?  Do you make your shower bigger? Or do you keep a tub?

Now we are on a whole new era….”The Freestanding Tub“.  Costs have come down, options have increased, and homeowners are embracing the trend.  So where is this trend coming from? Is it that homeowners are seeing images on Houzz and want to replicate the look? Or is it that people are slowing down to enjoy a nice long soak at the end of the day? I hope the latter. 

Freestanding bathtubs:  You can get the luxury of a bathtub, without the space sucker of a huge tiled deck. They are pretty, and stylish, and petite. They come Modern and Sleek or more Classic and Traditional. Feet or no feet? Pedestal or no Pedstal? Tub or no Tub?

Here are some jobs I have completed lately with beautiful freestanding bathtubs, in a more Modern theme:


Here’s a unique shaped tub in a bathroom designed by Jeremy Parcels:


And here are a couple images of upcoming projects with tubs I am working on:


So how will you handle this debate in your household? Out with the old, In with the new?

Don’t feel relaxed yet? Still not convinced?  I don’t think anyone would turn down soaking in a tub with this view! by Streamline Design

Happy Bathing & Relaxing! -Brooke