Your dream home is waiting

Thinking about starting a design project? You are at the right place. We want you to have an amazing experience. Here's how we work, and how we can create a space that truly makes you feel at home.

graphic of paper and pencil

Step 1: Get inspired.

  • Start with your dream wish list - be as thorough as possible

  • Now take your list and prioritize. What are the things you "must have" in this project? What are things that would be "nice to have"?

  • Gather some inspiration images. Focus on how the images make you feel, don't get caught up so much on exact layouts or materials. Save your inspiration images so we can understand your vision.


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Step 2: get to know you.

Once you get in touch about a project, we will email you a questionnaire to complete about your project and budget.

Establishing a clear budget from the beginning will allow the professionals you hire to hit the ground running. Your budget informs our designs and must be established before we begin work. If you’re unsure about your budget, let us know! Our team can establish a budget based on your goals and similar projects. Final budgets will be determined by materials and complexity of scope.

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Step 3: let's chat!

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will contact you within 48 hours to set up a phone call to review. From there we will determine next steps on the projects based on the fit.