The Four Phases of a Project

A project has four distinct phases. Each has certain deliverables and expected timelines. The more you know about our process, the fewer surprises there are for everyone.

3D rendering of kitchen and living room

Phase 1: Design and Planning

You’ve hired Bee Studios to produce the design. Good choice! This phase includes everything from the initial consultation, measure, initial design concept, sketches and renderings, product selections, final design, CAD drawings, and signing materials contracts.

Expected timeline: This phase typically takes a minimum of 12 weeks and up to 24 weeks for more complicated projects, and can vary by client's availability and travel. We will quote a time frame based on scope.

Phase 2: Permitting and Pre-ConstructiON

This phase is for us to procure all your finish materials. Your builder will be working on obtaining permits and setting the construction schedule.  

Expected timeline: An average of eight to ten weeks, but may vary depending on materials and municipalities.


construction in progress

Phase 3: Construction

Now the fun really begins! This is when the walls get knocked down, cabinets ripped out, floors stripped, and whatever other construction is needed to transform your house!

Expected timeline: Your builder will be able to provide a better idea of your project time frame, but here are averages based on our experience:

  • Average whole residence remodel: 6+ months

  • Average kitchen remodel: 10-14 weeks

  • Average master bathroom remodel: 10-14 weeks

  • Average guest bathroom remodel: 8-10 weeks

Phase 4: Furniture and Styling

We’re almost done! This is the exciting time when construction is complete and all the final touches are brought in. Furniture, Art, accessories, and decor items complete the look and transform your home into a curated space designed for your life and your style. Time to sit back and enjoy!

Brooke laying down rug in kitchen