A boho design inspired by our client, meet Sweet Azeele.

Our client is just what her space represents…. Exuberant! She purchased a new condo in Tampa, and it was just simply a vanilla box. The spaces featured tall ceilings, good light, and amazing ceiling panels. Our design vision was one that brought a boho spin to a modern design.

BSD Bame - (1).jpg

The living room and dining room design was all envisioned from the gorgeous hand knotted rug. Rugs can be so tricky to select - there are many machine made rugs at affordable prices, but there is something extra special about a hand knotted quality rug. This one had vibrant blues, yellows and pinks- a perfect palette to inform the design.

BSD Bame - (16).jpg

After the rug was selected, we found a large cozy sectional for her to curl up after a workout or snuggle in for movie night. A hand dyed wall art balance the boho sconce opposite the window. And unique monochromatic wall covering added just a simple texture to a blank wall.

BSD Bame - (13).jpg
BSD Bame - (6).jpg

The dining room was a small space with only size for a petite table, however we didn’t let this limit the impact. A dark wood and gold table flanked with teal chairs for a invigorating pop! We knew we found the perfect piece of art, blue doors on a pink wall. It was a moment captured.

BSD Bame - (10).jpg
Comfy poufs can create alternative seating for this cozy room.

Comfy poufs can create alternative seating for this cozy room.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of our project- Sweet Azeele. Are you up to use some color in your home? We sure hope so!

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